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Gay Daddy Phone Sex.
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Growing up gay isn't easy. Chances are, you never had the kind of love and support from your father that you craved. Sure, your dad may have loved you, and you loved him - but did he understand you? Did he give you the support you needed as a gay boy or a gay teen? Chances are, he didn't. There's no way he could have.

Now, you're grown. And it's time to discover what you've been missing for so long. Gay daddy phone sex puts you in touch with the dad you've always wanted and needed. The strong, masculine man who can be your protector, your role model, your friend. And now that you're a grown man - maybe even your lover.

We have big, hairy bears - strong, quiet and sensitive men - every type of gay daddy you could ever want. They're ready to talk, to counsel, to be there for you. They're also ready for much more. Oral sex, anal adventures, top or bottom - if you've been craving it, gay daddy phone sex is the place to find it.

If you have a special request for your gay daddy, don't be afraid to ask. We have men into every kink and fetish imaginable - and they love to share.


The dad you need.
A friend - a father figure - or much, much more.

Strong gay daddies are waiting for you, right now.

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How to Call for
Gay Daddy Phone Sex:

A call to the gay daddy phone sex line will first bring a quick recorded message about our service; then, you'll be asked for your credit card number (you can also press "1" to pay-by-check). Your card won't be charged yet, so don't worry about a thing.

Next, a live receptionist will come on the line to confirm your payment details, and to ask for details of the gay daddy call you're hoping for.

Please tell her as much as you can about your fantasy; the more she knows, the easier it will be for her to set up the perfect call for you. Remember, there are no limits - and our service is totally discreet. Your details are kept completely private. We couldn't stay in business any other way.

And if you have a special request or fantasy - if you have a very specific type of gay daddy phone sex in mind - please don't be afraid to ask. We specialize in special requests.