Are You Flying Blind with Your Product Content?

81% of Product Content undermines advertising and/or retailing performance

FeedInsight™ shows you why your Product Content isn't performing

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FindWAtt – the only independent, fully-automated and knowledge-based evaluator of Product Content

Free & Powerful Tools

  • Free 5 min: No-obligation email-only sign-up.
  • Free Product Title Analysis: For up to 100k SKUs.
  • Free 20+ page report: With 23 Title tests.
  • Free Emailed Report: In 20 minutes.
  • Free Example Problems: For each Title test.
  • Free 15-minute consult: To review your report

Big Wins for Your Product Content Quality

  • Get control: Of Content Quality with quick analysis.
  • Improve productivity: by focusing on key problems.
  • Trust: In the rigor of independent assesment.
  • Get Content Quality clarity: To justify resources.
  • Get quantifiable measures: To report progress.
  • Assess & manage: Content improvements by 3rd parties

Get Rid of Content Quality Blindspots

  • Know: If Content Quality is dragging down sales.
  • Know: If Content Quality is reducing channel profitability.
  • Know: How to improve Content Quality.
  • Know: If Content Quality is improving.
  • Know: Whether your Data Feeds have been optimized.

What Customers Say

You don't have to make phone calls & deal with sales engineers. Just upload data and 15 minutes later you're optimizing your product titles.

Chris Keane

VP, OpenSky.
After nearly 10 years of working in eCommerce, I have never been as excited as I am about the FindWatt tool. I have invested countless hours over the years tinkering with and editing datafeed spreadsheets to iron out the kinks. Now as a consultant in the industry, I am excited to be able to share this tool with my clients.

Zack Simpson

Ecommerce Manager & Consultant.

If You're Not Measuring You're Not Managing

81% of Product Content undermines advertising and/or retailing performance

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